Company Overview
ElaxFab is a manufacturer specializing in the production of silicone hoses. Our company is located in Chaohu City, Hefei City, Anhui Province. Our company currently employs more than 150 people and produces products such as silicone extrusion tubes, silicone winding tubes, rubber and plastic parts, and hydrogen energy vehicle silicone hoses. Our company supports customers to customize products with drawings and samples. Our products are widely used in industries, food, medical and other fields. Our technical personnel have accumulated years of experience and have mature production processes. During production, our technical personnel often provide more effective suggestions to customers. Our food grade silicone hose has FDA, ROHS, and other certifications, and our company has passed ISO9001 system certification. Our company's mission is to create products with dedication and prioritize service! Our advantage: Our company is equipped with specialized laboratories for various research and development and experiments. At the same time, we have an experienced team of engineers who work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop specialized solutions for each client to solve their problems. We always move forward on the path of innovation, innovating, designing, and providing silicone rubber products for hydrogen power systems to accelerate the development of the hydrogen market. We have exclusively developed a new type of silicone tube product on the robot arm pipeline package to connect the pipeline of the robot arm. Innovation and development are our inexhaustible driving forces.
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